Mālāma Honua Summit, June 18-20 2017

This page was linked to with a QR-code as a flyer and instructional guide during the Mālāma Honua Summit, June 18-20 2017.  Visitors were able to try an early version of the simulation.



Flyer and Instructions

Thank you for joining us at the Mālāma Honua Summit and reading about Kilo Hōkū!

We are hoping to use this tool to teach others about a small part of Wayfinding, or non-instrument navigation.

In our demo, you will be able to view the sky and see around our model of the canoe or waʻa Hōkūleʻa.  Take some time to look around!  You will see the island of Kauaʻi near you.  In addition, there is a Star Compass, which is the Hawaiian navigation tool used for Wayfinding.

You can do a number of things with the control wands!  The thumbpad on the right controller will allow you create a pointer, which will allow you to point at and highlight constellations in the sky.

Using either controller, you can “grab” the steering blade or hoe ama by using the trigger.  Holding down the trigger and moving the hoe will cause the waʻa to move forward, and will turn the waʻa in the direction opposite of where you move the hoe.

Pressing the grip buttons on the sides of either controller allows you to rotate the sky slowly about you.  This simulates the apparent movement of the stars over time.  Pay attention to how stars rise and set in the same house on the Star Compass!


We hope you enjoyed our demo!

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