New 0.4 Updates and Changes

We are happy to announce that we have finished the next phase of updates!


There is now a new teacher controller system in place, which allows a teacher to turn features on and off, update the Latitude and Longitude, and control the speed of the Earth’s rotation and movement.  We also have a few pre-set locations for where the waʻa can be placed in the simulation relative to our two islands.

We have also added in visual markers for the celestial meridian, and the celestial horizon in the simulation.  With these, a student can more easily view angle markings.

Finally, we have added in the railing markers which allow the student to “activate” a light on the railing, which is offset by one house in the star compass.  This marking can be used when the star compass has been deactivated as a visual indicator of angles of offset.

We are excited to test out these new features with our students!

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